Thursday, June 4, 2009

these four walls are driving me insane. fresh air needed. now.

this week i am thankful for:

1. mil, who is so wonderfully supportive and encouraging and fun, and even babysat monday night so brian and i could get out and see a movie. there is life after children after all.

2. brian, for giving me time-outs when i need them.

3. mommy + me network. it's nice to be somewhere where the baby's screams aren't a bother, and where other women are going through the same things i am. plus, it gets me out of the house.


|•••Nin•••| said...

All I want when my baby is born is to be able to take a bath in the evening. I will be so thankful for that!

casadekaloi said...

Hyperlactation! AYIYI.

We didn't have a problem until Jasper had his cold, started feeding every 1 1/2-2 hours, and my body took the feedings as cues that the baby needed tons of food. Then he started having the WORST time while eating--he would literally freak out while nursing, spit milk at me, fuss, have tons of painful gas, etc. I did two things--block feedings & changing his feeding position.

For the position, I sat him in front of me (facing me, obviously), basically straddling whichever leg for whichever side, and let him latch on that way.

Block feeding basically means use only one side for two or three feedings in a row, and then use the other for two or three in a row. You can pump a little bit from the side you're not using, but not too much. From what I understand, the big problem is that the baby gets too much foremilk, which has loads of lactose, and not enough hindmilk, which has all the calories and fills him or her up. The block feeding will help the baby get more hindmilk and also lower the amount of milk your body makes. I had to do this for about 48 hour straight, and then he started having an easier time. I'm still making a lot of milk, and we still run into problems, but nothing like he was experiencing.