Thursday, May 28, 2009


nothing very blogworthy this week. i'm sleep-deprived and on a weirder schedule than i've ever been on in my life. i want to get a little sewing done but i'm thinking that isn't happening in this life, at least not anytime soon. i'm trying to get the baby announcements out in the mail. hannah eats, sleeps, poops, and repeats. i am not sure how many diapers we are going through each day but it is a ridiculous amount and i am not loving the impact on our bank account nor the landfill. she has had two baths in her lifetime so far, countless car trips, and a fair number of visitors. so because of her, this week i am thankful for a lot more than three things. i'm thankful for a lot more than three people. but i'll stick to my self-imposed rules - here are my three things i am thankful for this week:

1. that we are able to afford a new car. the pt just had not been working for brian for a long time and with his back issues we were pretty much at a breaking point with that car. and then we had the baby, and the car seat pretty much did not fit in the backseat: brian had to scoot his seat forward, put the seat in or take it out, and then scoot his seat back into position. but i swear, the next new car we get is going to be mine.

2. my best girl alice, who has been here this week helping us with the baby. she loves her niece and loves taking care of her, which has given me a chance to catch up on some sleep (which will likely be lost again as soon as she goes home). we've been taking care of wedding stuff and chatting and being girls together, which has been so nice. i only wish she lived closer.

3. a perfectly normal, healthy baby. her weight was good at her checkup this morning and our other concerns were basically unfounded. the worst thing she has going on right now is a bout of diaper rash.

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Sarah @ said...

Take care of yourself! There's so much I want to say, but most of all, just take care of yourself and keep up the good work =) And don't start counting diapers; it's depressing.