Thursday, May 7, 2009

no baby yet

this week i am thankful for:

1. my husband being home on leave also. it's really nice to have him around, even if he does play mah jongg compulsively and check baseball stats and his fantasy teams obssessively. at the moment we aren't driving each other nuts so it's nice to get to spend this time together, even if it isn't really a vacation because we're sitting around waiting for kiddo to make her appearance.

2. not having a baby just yet, because it is giving me time to get projects done that i have not previously had time to do. if they don't get done, they don't get done, but it's still nice. for example, brian's birthday gift is all squared away, because i'm afraid that if i didn't get it done now, he'd get the short end of the stick this year. his birthday is not until june, but i wanted to do something special for him since everything has kind of been revolving around me for the last nine months. i also finished a friend's wedding gift, which i am SO excited about and love SO much and want to post photos of SO badly, but i can't/won't until the end of june so as not to ruin the surprise.

3. beautiful, perfect weather lately. maybe not perfect, it's been a bit breezy for my taste, but otherwise it's been SO lovely. the breeze does keep it from being too hot which i and my crazy hormonal metabolism do appreciate. i would go nuts if it were dreary and overcast or (heaven forbid!) rainy and i were cooped up in the house all day, so this is really nice.


Jessika said...

Hmmm... I'm a friend (I hope) and I'm getting married the end of June....

My T3 today should include "Grateful for cryptic gift friends." ok, and "grateful for friends who did all the lettering on invites"

Sarah @ said...

Lol, I was starting to wonder if you'd already gone into labor yet or what. I'm back to doing that "compulsively check website to see if adorable baby cheeks are available for viewing" thing =) It's just, you know, it's what I'm good at and we all like to emphasize our talents...right?

What a blessing that your husband is on leave too!

Kelly said...

I am so sick of baseball season alreadY!!! Matt drives me nuts with the scores/stats.

And he follows the Pirates, who aren't even good! I think he intends to go to a Giants game while we are in San Fran in June.

I am very impatiently awaiting pics of baby hannah. :)

eireann said...

kelly, you will have such fun at the ballpark, it is really a nice park. bring extra cash though, it is NOT cheap though the garlic fries are definitely worth it.

yes jess - i don't have to use my whole year! and you will love it, and i hope b will love it too (i think he will).

sarah, rest assured we (i) will be posting baby pics once we have them! and i will be compulsively checking on you too when you're at this point!

Jaimey said...

glad to hear you got that gift done you have been worried about! Good for you! Now if I could just get that baby gift done for a nameless friend who is due any second! :/