Monday, April 27, 2009

random things i am learning lately

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- cats have no eyebrows, which is why they seem so inscrutable sometimes.

- the "bcbg" (as in bcbgmaxazria) stands for bon chic, bon genre, how yuppies were referred to in france back in the 1980s. bon chic, bon genre means "good style, good class."

- king abdullah of jordan likes riding motorcycles!

- there is no universally agreed-upon plural for the word platypus. scientists use platypuses or just platypus. platypi is often used colloquially though it is considered "psuedo-latin" and the word is actually from the greek; the greek plural would be platypodes.

- compote is very similar to jam, but it is cooked with less sugar and the fruit generally retains it's texture and consistency.

- about mortise and tenon joints in particular and joinery in general. in a completely academic manner, of course.


Sarah @ said...

Cats have no eyebrows? Really?

Ours have really, really long eyebrow-area whiskers. They look ridiculous.

Also, compote is delicious. Much better than jam =) Well worth the trouble!

casadekaloi said...

Jasper hasn't grown in eyebrows, and it's something we're kind of wondering about. I've never stopped to pay attention to a cat before, but I believe you on the eyebrow-less-ness.