Friday, April 4, 2008

will sew for food

my current project is simplicity 4045, a simple bias sheath with a scooped yoke, gathers at the center front, and small (almost capped) sleeves - with a simple thigh-to-knee length collarless, lapel-less jacket/coat. my mother sent me a couple yards of a lovely red/gold brocade that i think would be a beautiful coat, and i got a light, pretty brown linen for the dress. i lovelovelove linen and i think this will end up to be quite a nice three-season ensemble. however i have no idea when i am going to get time to sew as we are scheduled to close on the new house in four weeks, with all the insanity that goes with that.

the upshot is that i will have my very own sewing/crafty room in the new house. i cannot wait. i will finally have a decent-sized table to sew at instead of moving the laptop off the computer desk to clear space for my machine. it is quite possible that i could even have my sewing machine and serger out on my sewing table at the same time. (that is, if i can figure out how to thread the serger.)

i'm thinking i want to get started supplementing my income with sewing projects, so i'm putting myself out there: i will sew for you. i would like to stay away from alterations as they frustrate me and give me a stomachache, but i will do them depending on the alteration. i will not slip patterns (i would shop for an existing pattern to use). so if you want something custom made for you, please let me know at

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