Saturday, April 12, 2008

my protestant work ethic is failing me

wow, buying a house is hard work. especially one's first house.

we had our inspection yesterday, which went well. the inspector said he had not seen a house so perfect, with so few issues, in over a year. the worst problems are a burned-out light bulb in the attic and the screen door for the kitchen slider is missing. and a trickle in the upstairs bathroom toilet that brian can easily fix.

we also went and purchased our appliances yesterday and i am so unsure. (i feel rather unsure about most things these days.) i feel good about our fridge... it is an lg french-door fridge that is well-rated by consumer reports. but the washer and dryer i am not sure about and i think we will return them and get the whirlpool duet front-loader that i was originally considering. the county and the utility companies are giving a combined $375 in rebates which makes them less than the ge ones we bought yesterday.

and damn was that ever a lot of money. i mean, i know in the long run it will be cheaper - the washer and dryer will be paid for inside of two years with the money we will save in laundry quarters. (i spend about $10+ a week on laundry quarters! good Lord.) and those rebate checks will be nice. but still, it is a lot to shell out all at once.

and i still have to figure out movers, packing, getting gas/electricity/phones/water turned on, trash collection, cleaning our old apartment, packing... man this is exhausting. it almost makes me want to just stay in our apartment for the rest of our lives. almost.

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