Monday, February 22, 2010

fake mousse yummy thing

i have no idea what this is called and unfortunately i don't have a photo of it, but trust me when i say it is a bowl of delicious goodness. it is a dessert, kind of like a mousse, but fruity and so easy as to be cheating. has anyone made this and know what it is called? i got the recipe from a girlfriend, who referred to it as "that jello-pudding-fruit yummy thing."

1 package vanilla cook-and-serve pudding mix
1 package sugar-free fruit jell-o (flavor is your choice)
1 tub light cool-whip
chopped or sliced fruit

the pudding mix and jell-o packages need to be the same size. if you use a small package of each, you would use the small (8 oz.) tub of cool-whip. if you use a large package of pudding and jall-o, you would use the larger (16 oz.) tub of cool whip. i used one 12 oz. package of frozen berries when i made this with the large packages of pudding and jell-o, but i think in the future i'd use two. there was not enough fruit in it. you can also use canned fruit, but be sure to drain it first.

substitute water for milk (amount is according to pudding mix) and bring to a boil. stir in the pudding mix and the jell-o mix, remove from heat, and allow to cool but not set. fold in cool-whip, and then fold in fruit. chill.

i made mine with mixed berries and raspberry jell-o; i had it originally with strawberry jell-o and sliced strawberries. my girlfriend makes hers usually with lime jell-o and canned pineapple. it really is fabulous. i can't stop eating it.


Sarah @ said...

Ooh, okay, so my husband's family makes this. You know what else is a good fake? Those freeze-dried backpacking desserts.


We go to REI and pick up the Mountain House blueberry dessert and make it with some milk and pudding mix and graham crackers and it comes out all sorts of delicious.

Learned that from Donald's family too...

(Also, thanks for the little nod to Odin!)

Jamie Marie said...

i make a fake mousse that's just a box of pudding, a can of sweetened condensed milk and a cup and a half of homemade whipped cream - and it's everyone's favorite dessert. it's SUPER sweet, but SOOOO good for those PMS'y days when all you want is a good old sugar binge.