Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i think santa might bring me a fish this year

because i have been really wanting one for a long time. a betta. a girl betta. (because for some reason they are cheaper?) in a bowl with some sort of mesh lid on top so that the cat won't eat it. brian keeps nixing the idea, has for years, but a fish is so innocuous, and i almost bought one today when i saw how cheap they were at petco when i was getting kitty litter. all things considered it would only be like $20-25 to kit it out.

i'd name her finley. i love that.

she might mysteriously show up under the tree. or maybe in my stocking. would that be strange to find a fish in my stocking?


Kelly said...

Lorylei had a Betta named moonglow and she was really pretty. It was quite the tragedy when she dies. I am pretty over smallish pets that die easily.
But I hope Santa brings you one!

Jessika said...

Oh do it! My Ernie is now living at my friends' house, and she has decided to permanently adopt him and take him to work. That fish survived a drive from the fish store, then a another drive, then a 1 hour drive home, then a 1 hour drive to our friends' place. Bettas are hardy little suckers. When they do die, it's generally a surprise, and not related to anything you did (it's like they just end). My previous betta lived a long while and one day, clean tank, fed and all, he just died. Ernie is particularly hardy.

I say go for it!

eireann said...

i had a betta before i moved up here named noah. he died quite suddenly and with lots of anguish and chaotic wiggling. i don't know what happened, i may have forgotton to dechlorinate the water after i cleaned his bowl once, but i promise not to kill another fish.

brian doesn't know that, by the way, that i suspect i killed him.

Jamie Marie said...

i have killed a betta, too. his name was sylvester, and i got him right after i moved into my apartment. i actually made a memorial blog for him on my myspace.

i hope Santa brings you a betta. and i also hope Brian doesn't read your blog!! :)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Ugh. I don't do fish.

Cats: no problem. Dogs: sure. Birds: absolutely. Hell, I'll even do goats and chickens and rabbits and geese.

But I do not do fish. I only eat fish. Fish gross me out. So you know what, if Santa has a fish for me, he can bring that one to you too =)