Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more soap photos

more batches of soap:

holiday spice - apple-y with nutmeg essential oil and bits of cinnamon bark, yum!

lime & clary sage, kind of a unisex scent and one of my favorites. the citrus from the lime is tempered by the earthiness of the clary sage.

this coffee soap was a special order for candice, though there is another batch to make as i have more orders for it. at first i was not very thrilled with it (similar to the oatmeal, milk & honey soap) but as it cures it is getting better and better and is really growing on me. i really hope candice likes it!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

ooh, the holiday spice sounds really yummy!
Matt tried the oatmeal soap this morning in the shower and LOVED it. Then he asked why I don't make soap, and said that he thinks "soaping" would be a very "useful" craft. Like baking.