Monday, June 23, 2008

the waiting is the hardest part

it is almost unbelieveable that we are this close to closing on our house - it was not so long ago that it seemed like eons before that house would be ours. and now it is imminent! i am so excited i can hardly sit still. i spent a marathon weekend packing while brian worked (poor baby) and am exhausted, but still insanely excited. just think, by this time next week, we:
- will be living in our new house
- will be unpacking all these boxes
- will not be commuting 90 miles each way to work
- will be doing laundry in our new washer and dryer instead of hauling it to the laundry room
- will be cooking in our new spacious kitchen
- will not have to coordinate morning showers, because we will have more than one bathroom
- will have space to barbecue on our back patio
- i could go on and on.

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