Thursday, May 29, 2008

it was a pleasure to speak with you?

do i have a nice voice or something? someone who knows me personally, please let me know. i just got hit on, this time by a potential policyholder, a 26-year-old kid (well, i guess he's not really a kid, but whatever) whom i have never met - only talked to over the phone. the only other time this has happened (a year or so ago, by a man old enough to be my father), i had never met the guy either.

it cracks me up that this should happen, and kind of creeps me out a little. i'm not sure what to think.


miss kerry said...

did you tell him he was your little sisters age?

eireann said...

it didn't dawn on me until afterwards that he was - i actually thought he was younger for some odd reason.